March 20, 2017


The exhibtion Jizdarna (the Czech word for riding school) – is at full gallop. Anyone who doesn’t make it into the saddle now, or at worst until beginning of September, will find it hard to catch up. Giddyup!

Photo © by Vaclav Jirasek


March 1, 2017

A New Exhibition!

From Thursday 9 March until Sunday 3 September 2017, the famous historical palace, Valdstejnska jizdarna in Prague, will be hosting an exhibition by Frantisek Skala! After long 13 years since his last great exhibition, brilliantly occupying the nearby Rudolfinum, Frantisek decided to set up his art base camp across the river on the opposite bank of the Vltava. Hard to believe? So come and see for yourself!


January 2, 2017

Is There a Better Way to Start the New Year than with the B.K.S.?

No, there isn’t! But how do you do it when their Sub-committee for Phasing Down Publicity works perfectly? There is one last hope left – Herectvi (‘Acting’), a brand-new, definitive, or actually permanent, art calendar which has just been issued: Size: 34 x 49 cm, 14 pages; Project made in: the fifth month of 2011; Costumes by Katerina Stefkova; Make-up by Jakub Zid, Photo by Vaclav Jirasek, 2011–2016; Concept and texts by the B.K.S., 2011–2016.

The calendar is available at the following bookstores:

  • Knihkupectví Kavka, Krocínova 5, Praha 1
  • Knihkupectví Ostrov, Mikulandská 1, Praha 1
  • Knihkupectví NG, Veletržní palác, Praha 7

October 26, 2016

The Shed and the Solar-Powered Vehicle at the National Gallery

Or, more precisely, in the newly opened garden of the Cloister of St. Agnes. You are most cordially invited to come or take a ride!



May 14, 2016

8 x 9 = 2016

A real arithmetician’s masterpiece! Is this tomfoolery? Not in the least! 8 x 9 = 2016 is a large-format painting by Frantisek Skala, created for the ‘Banská St a nica Contemporary železnièná stanica Banská Štiavnica’ art centre in Slovakia. A full 72 square metres of colours, faces, feelings and atmosphere.

TA3 TV report


April 17, 2016

Mountain the Robber

This could well be the name of a comic book, a cycle of charcoal drawings or a sizeable object made from wood, plastic and black fabric. It could, but it isn’t. Mountain the Robber is a collection of five fairy tales by Karel Siktanc, which Frantisek Skala illustrated with coloured dry-point.


February 1, 2016

Not a Single Day without a Line … in Berlin!

Nulla dies sine linea is a collective exhibition which ridicules the rituals invoking inspiration and many other vices which precede and accompany creative art work … All of this and much more can be seen with the participation of Frantisek Skala from 12, or actually 13 February to 19 May 2016. On the banks of the River Spree, in Berlin.


November 25, 2015

Small Erotocollages, or Gems …

… and many other precious stones from Frantisek Skala’s collection of tender collages can be seen in Prague’s KAFKA bookstore (Krocinova 5, Prague 1) from Wednesday 16 December 2015 … And on that day things will get even sultrier, with a recital of erotic poetry accompanied by Jazz Fantasy!


November 18, 2015

Frantisek Skala EXPO

From Wednesday 26 November 2014, through the New Year, until 1 March 2015, Frantisek Skala will be hosted at U Jonase … It’s in the East Bohemia Gallery in Pardubice at the U Jonase house. What’s more – he himself will gladly and willingly guide all the visitors through the Light.


November 5, 2015

Yet Again!

Yet another part in the never-ending MTO Universal music series is getting ready to face up to the taste of the audiences and dancers. This time it will be at DEPO2015 in Pilsen. And when’s that going to be, mate? On 10 December, at 8 o’clock in the evening …


October 3, 2015

Love, Forest and ECG

One of the guests of the ECG, a literary cabaret by Igor Malijevsky and Jaroslav Rudis, will be Frantisek Skala. Sunday 11 and Monday 12 October. The Archa Theatre in Prague. For more, see this.


July 15, 2015

Without Uproar, and Yet Blastfully …

… a pictorial catalogue of the graphic arts of Frantisek Skala appeared in bookstores a few days ago. A slender volume, entitled tersely “Graphic Art” and covering the years 1974 to 2015, it is surprising in many respects. For instance in that … well, no spoilers, you can browse through it for yourselves here!


June 29, 2015

MTO Universal Inaugurating the Slavonice Fest 2015

As many of you have suspected for some time, the members of MTO Universal are not afraid of glory. That’s why they have decided not only to come along to this year’s film and music festival, but even to launch it on 6 August! Twenty-three hundred, at the local culture centre …


June 10, 2015

Graphic Art by Frantisek Skala in Chrudim

Everyone in the vicinity of Svetlana and Lubos Jelinek’s Galerie Art in Chrudim from 2 July to 5 September is cordially invited to visit an exhibition of graphic art by Frantisek Skala!

Repeat: Everyone in the vicinity of Svetlana and Lubos Jelinek’s Galerie Art in Chrudim from 2 July to 5 September is cordially invited to visit an exhibition of graphic art by Frantisek Skala!



June 10, 2015

Tvrdohlavi 2015 in Litomysl

From the coming Sunday 14 June to the very end of the holiday (28 August), Miroslav Kubik’s Gallery, under the curatorship of Jiri Olic, offers an insight into the creative work of the Tvrdohlavi (“Hard-Headed Ones”) art group, of which Frantisek Skala has undoubtedly been a member right since the very start (1980s)...


May 18, 2015

FS at FG, or Tribal

On Thursday 4 June 2015, Frantisek Skala breaks into the Fait Gallery in Brno, and indomitable as he is, will inaugurate his exhibition entitled TRIBAL. The exhibition is scheduled to last until the Indian summer, namely until 17 September.


April 26, 2015

Art from the Heart in Shanghai

Yesterday, Saturday 25 April 2015, saw the inauguration of a collective exhibition of Czech artists, entitled Art of the Heart. The curator’s selection by Miroslav Ambroz also includes works by Frantisek Skala, for many of us another reason to go to China in the coming weeks … There should be no hesitating here, as the exhibition closes soon, on 25 June.


February 25, 2015

Hurray to Podlesee! Or Perhaps ON Podlesee …

Just a few hours before International Women’s Day, on Saturday 7 March 2015 to be precise, or at 5pm to be even more precise, the exhibition of works by Frantisek Skala, based on his time at Louny, will open in the Gallery of the Town of Louny. For completeness' sake, it must be added that the Podlesee exhibition will be hosted until 23 May 2015.

In the mid-1980s, Frantisek Skala bought a dilapidated farmstead near Louny for his family, called Podlesi. He was enchanted with the countryside, which then became an inseparable part of and a source of inspiration for his creative work.

At the time when he was returning to his primary childhood experiences from playing in the forest, during the post-modernist atmosphere in which the Trvdohlavi (“Hard-Headed Ones”) art group was about to begin, his first 3-D artefacts were created here (Velky datel – The Great Woodpecker, 1987; Lesojan, 1988), later to appear in the now legendary cartoon entitled Velke putovani Vlase a Brady (The Great Pilgrimage of Hair and Chin), a book that several generations of children grew up on.

Since then, the mighty stream of his work has stemmed from there, including fairy-tale illustrations, charcoal drawings of forest gorges, graphic art work, series of photographs, and mainly large 3-D objects, mostly made from wood. Skala’s first guitar was created here in 1988, as was his old “woody” percussion set and the feast of forest treats in the Bozska substance (“Divine Substance”) …


February 2, 2015

Jewel Beetles and Giants

Those of you who for whatever reason can’t make it to the KAVKA bookstore, which is currently hosting an exhibition of two cycles of dry point engravings by Frantisek Skala, can view then in full size and buy them here: Giants (30x40 cm, 8 th. CZK each), Jewel Beetles (13.5x9.5 cm, non-coloured 3 th. CZK each, coloured twice as much).


February 1, 2015

Kuzebauch and GAML

Sounds like the names of two old friends. Could it be that Frantisek Skala is preparing a new comic book? One gloomy day, Kuzebauch noticed that Gaml … Well, we cannot rule that out, but for the moment let’s keep to the facts: Kuzebauch is a gallery in Brevnov, Prague, where on 24 February 2015 Frantisek Skala will be launching an exhibition of his small 3-D artefacts, backlit, wood-encased … and Gaml is the Gallery of the Town of Louny where a selection of the works created by Frantisek Skala in the Louny region is to be on display, commencing on 7 March 2015, from large-scale light objects through the ‘Sajgonar’ to the True Story of Cilek and Lida. Kuzebauch and Gaml? A whirl of exhibitions!


January 30, 2015

Last Night in the Kavka Bookstore

Thursday evening in the KAVKA bookstore was splendid! Frantisek Skala visited it uniquely and disappeared. However, his giant graphic art and books are still there … Photo © by Richard Cortes.


January 20, 2015

The Giants and Sketchbook in the KAVKA Bookstore

Thursday 29 January 2015 at 6 pm is the time and the K-A-V-K-A bookstore is the place where Frantisek Skala will introduce his Giants – a brand-new cycle of graphic art, and will also launch his own sketchbook – a faithful reprint of the book in which the year before last he tried to see how far he could …


January 16, 2015

Tuesday at 5 at U Jonase

You are cordially invited to a tour of the Expo exhibition at the U Jonase house in Pardubice, guided by the author himself. On Tuesday 27 January 2015 at 5 pm.


September 3, 2012

František Skála shines in September

We are please to inform you that the exhibition František Skála ZÁŘÍ (which translates as both SHINES and SEPTEMBER) will run at Prague’s Václav Špála Gallery from Friday 14 September to Wednesday 31 October. Find more information here.


August 19, 2012

15 917

people have visited an exhibition of works by František Skála at the Museum of Modern Art in Olomouc, making it the best attended event in the history of the institution. Congratulations!


July 15, 2012

Skála videos accessible online

From today, the Interactive section offers visitors the chance to peruse not only photographs but almost 20 short videos reflecting various aspects of the work of František Skála, including the 1982 short film Oči (Eyes), as part of the Tros Sketos performance group, and at New York’s FlipFest. The videos are distinguished by their distinctive black frames. Enjoy!


June 11, 2012

František Skála and Headlands

Dear friends, please be sure to remember that the best read this summer is undoubtedly HEADLANDS (The Land of Heads) by Frantisek Skala, in which the author pays homage to this unusual part of the planet and also gives readers an insight into the secrets of the formation of perhaps the most impressive sculptures made from sea algae - the heads. The book can be ordered here.


May 24, 2012

Dear friends,

We are glad to announce that Arbor Vitae publishers in collaboration with the Museum of Art in Olomouc have published a prestigious monograph entitled FRANTISEK SKALA. The book, published in both Czech and English, can be ordered here.


April 17, 2012

Headlands / Země hlav

Today at 5 p.m. an exhibition by Frantisek Skala, entitled “Země Hlav / Headlands”, will be opened in the Galerie Smečky Prague, Czech Republic. You are cordially invited!For more information please click here.


April 14, 2012

Photographs from the opening of the “Museum” exhibition in the Museum of Modern Arts in Olomouc, Czech Republic can be seen here.


April 13, 2012

Dear friends, we would like to draw your attention to the accompanying programme for the “Museum” exhibition.


April 12, 2012

Today at 6.30 p.m. a representative exhibition by Frantisek Skala, entitled “Museum”, will be opened in the Museum of Modern Arts in Olomouc, Czech Republic. You are cordially invited!